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Well I can think of some logic to the tactic:

1. The invaders arrived at different points. So the Captains had to formulate a plan based on the possibility of multiple fronts, since communication during battle would be limited if not impossible.

2. Ivan never actually said what he was trying to do to Ichigo's bankai and Ichigo never asked, but it looked a lot like Kido. So the logical assumption would be a seal, not a complete removal, since that's how Bleach mechanics work (everything burns out from use or is sealed).

3. So the Captains (wrongly) assumed they could simply Bankai, figure out the seal, break it, and get the Bankai back. This would put them back on equal ground with the invaders who can also Bankai.

4. The Captains who used the Bankai are hardly helpless without it, but someone like Renji can't afford to lose it because that's pretty much his biggest trump card.

Not the smartest tactic, but it does follow some logic. Also, we don't know if the invaders can only seal/steal it when it is first summoned, or if they can take it whenever they want as long as it is summoned.
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