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One minor thing is, ME3 essentially murdered any prospects of Mass Effect having long term future prospects in Japan. By deciding to pick Robot Racism as the official political stance of Bioware, they have cut off the Japanese audience. It's a choice they made themselves, and no one else.

There is nothing wrong with having in-story racist characters; but when the creators themselves support the stance, a line is crossed.
Really? Don't you think that's going a little too far?

Granted I hate it as much as you do but I don't think the Japanese could care about it....

On that matter to MP.

I was playing as the Cerberus Adept and he's quite powerful. With maxed Smash and Lash I can do a ton of damage surprsingly. Heavy units like Geth Primes, pyros, ravagers, brutes, and even Banshees fall quickly.

The only problem I have is with Reapers.

When the Banshee comes, we all focus fire on the Banshee and kill her ASAP. It works but at the same time we also have Ravagers sniping us and Brutes coming in. I just don't know what to do with it here.

I think Banshees IMO needs to be tweaked or something. Their Instant kill is ridiculous as well as the teleportation.
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