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Originally Posted by Calca View Post
Most likely, Buckbeard will say "Sidekick, you take care of him, I have business to tend to." Then disappear.
I find it more likely that sidekick will pull the old "This one is beneath you, Master. Allow me to handle him."

Then after Kenpachi is through thoroughly wiping the floor with Sidekick, Buckbeard will fight him, revealing that he's like half-Quincy/half-Shinigami, or Isshin's old Zanpakuto turned Quincy, or something random like that, and pull some kind of haxx move to take out Kenpachi. Then Ichigo/Yama-jii/Squad 0 show up just in time to leave Kenpachi's fate in doubt.

I wonder what would happen if Kyoraku found out that the Bankai aren't just stolen, they can also be used against their former wielders. His shikai is nearly as dangerous to himself as it is to his opponents. If his Bankai works on a similar principle (as most do), he might actually be better off if his opponent steals it and tries to use it against him, since he's bound to know it better. And that definitely sounds like the kind of thing he'd do just for the lulz...
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