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Ok finally caught up in the manga after a full series worth of episodes to watch, glad I got to join in on the conversation before the series was over, not reading spoilers cause I don't want to be spoiled.

Finished episode 11, kinda expected Yoshiharu to die but I doubt Juubei is dead since she wasn't blown apart like Monkey was. Kinda cool how it is going to show Nobuna's descent into a ruthless general from here on. I expected her personality to change, and I guess death and murder does that to people. Though knowing my predictions and anime logic I'm sure she'll resolve herself and try and stay true to herself.

I really need to pick up Japanese, I'd love to be reading the light novel right now.
Welcome to the discussion. I doubt he's dead, more like I guess it's Zenki who acted as his clone since he wasn't visible when Hanzou blew him up. Reason would probably be to save the soldiers lives.
Though as a friend pointed out and I quote "I'm not too keen on general tone
since I think it's strong part is the light hearted aspect."

As for LN status, I don't have my laptop right now (which has gone for repair) so translating is a bit problematic till I get it back.
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