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Wow, usually I hear Laptops are more expensive to repair than to buy a new one. Your guess is the same as my guess, due to the summaries we gotten on vol 4. It is not really close to complete so looks like we will get spoil on the next episode.
Depends on what's the problem. IF his motherboard is dead, then yeah, it would be. But if it's just one connection that's fried, or his hard drive, or RAM, then it would still be cheaper to repair. Though, if we're talking spoilers for Vol. 4, there A LOT to cover for just one episode, especially since they seem to be adding something with Konoe(?). They've still got to explain the ruse, the Juubei scene, Hanbei figuring it out, they did take out the part with the monks though... but there's still Shingen, as well as Nagamasa and Nobusumi. And I have a really bad feelnig that they may end on the tsundere hijinks part of Sagara's return... that would be a REALLY bad way to end it.
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