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Originally Posted by Lantern View Post
Yeah, that's the way it is.

Think of it this way.

Kirito's usual form doesn't look at all frightening even though his inherent stats are monstrous.

That illusion spell then creates an appearance that match those stats.

And since Kirito's have insane over all stats, the spell turns him into a boss monster that looks just as frightening as his stats suggest.

Basically, it's a spell for bluffing.

As for why he's able to one shot everybody, note that he is able to do that even without the transformation. He just needs to land a hit, but those player's formation manage to block him out. The bluff helped him screw up their formation for him to land a solid blow, thus allowing him to annihilate their squad at ease.
also notice he took out nearly 50% of all three tank class players while blocking. An attack based on speed and str stats managed to literally behave as a boss lvl attack sweep against the shield wall. THAT should have grabbed everyone's attention and its obv what would happen if he can get a clean hit. Those salamanders have pretty high lvl armor too and despite that Kirito only depends on his stats (his gear is shtty lvl greys you buy from starting vendors) to beat them down

Originally Posted by joshuafaramir View Post
I think the illusion spell changes them into an actual monster. So the name "illusion spell" is very misleading. I mean remember what Kirito said?

He said "I was suddenly big and since I didn't have swords, I just grabbed them with my hands."
that is correct, it's a high lvl illusion spell which changes your appearance to that of a monster, your new stats are based on your originals stats. Since most players don't have very high stats, they get lame monsters, Kirito, however, has almost maxed out stats (1000), so the form accommodates his stats
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