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Can't they get a subsitute seiyuu that sounds like her?
Substitutes for continuing anime series don't happen unless the said seiyuu cannot act for an extended time due to reasons such as accidents (Kamiya Hiroshi for the final episode of Honey And Clover II) and maternity leave (Inoue Kikuko, Hayashibara Megumi, Ohtani Ikue).
There are cases in which a character for a sequel or spin-off series is replaced due to various reasons, from marriage/retirement (Ohsawa Chiaki as Chao in Negima) to a conflict of schedule (Nanri Yuuka as Ichijou in School rumble).
Aya was out for two weeks, which only backlogged her schedule, but did not affect any episode airings, so a replacement was not necessary.

May I know what does her fellow seiyuus have to comment about her condition?
Aya's co-workers in Suzumiya Haruhi, Gotou Yuuko and Chihara Minori expressed their concern over her state during the Kobe Awards presentation speech, and I'm sure all of her fellow seiyuus feel the same. That is, what other comment is there to make?

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