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Originally Posted by Taraqs View Post
There is a diffrence between Rap and Hip hop. Rap=MainStream BootyShaking Cars Money Money BootyShaking BootyShaking Hoe's Cars Money BootyShaking BootyShaking Hoes and more BootyShaking. I also forgot Money.

Hip hop= Everything from the 90s and below. I can find two lyrics one from Biggie and one from Tupac. Then one from 50cent and one from Jayz. I will post them here and I want you to tell me which one is real rap.
I can relate to rap being mainstream and all, but I disagree with Hip Hop being restricted to the 90s and below. During the 90s and below the MAINSTREAM hip hop might have been good, but to this day there are plenty good underground mcs and groups that rhyme about anything from politics to romance issues to just partying.
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