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Continuation of a discussion on Lost Logia powers that started in the OC-thread:

Do note that the Lost Logia were not even being used at those times. That's like saying a gun is harmless because all it did was fall of a shelf and hit someone on the head. As soon as Precia started actually using them Lindy had to come off her captain's chair and step in to stop her.
But they were clearly activated and running.

Concidering Lindy even says that 'many of its adjacent worlds were completely anihalated' I'd say it was hardly an exageration. The scenes also show an entire planet literally tearing apart (huge tears in the grounds with buildings the size of ants included).
They are having a bad earthquake. Admittedly, it is pretty bad for a bunch of tiny seeds, but it isn't planet destroying.

The actual word used in the Japanese was 崩壊, which means "collapse", "breakdown" or "decay". It is actually a pretty broad term that can mean far more than annihilate.

Also, this 'exageration formed over a lifetime of indoctrination' is completely baseless. Lost Logia incidents happen even to this day, meaning that there is plenty of it in the news.
Note that they had to search into ancient history to find a good example (Year 423 on the old calender (the new calendar was up to 65 or so, so that means it is something like 500 years ago). Lost Logia cause trouble everywhere but presumably really bad tragedies are very rare. Considering that entire really devastating wars have occurred in the meantime, the accuracy of records is doubtful. This is clearly dialogue, and the hearsay variant.

The point is that where we can observe the seeds, they clearly aren't nearly as l33t as promised.

Yes, because the effects were stopped before they could become serious. It'd make a strange series if the heroes failed to save the day, wouldn't it?
Thus, you admit that you have absolutely no first-hand evidence for determining how bad it'll actually be .

Correction, we saw a tiny fragment of a Jewel Seed ingrained into a chip, not the entire seed.
Fine. Does it look like 84 (or even 840) of those tiny "fragments" put together could "completely annihilate" worlds.

Do clarify. If it was what Lutecia stole for Jail, we don't even know what that was.
IIRC, the place they are guarding is auctioning away Lost Logia. Since RF6 is guarding the place, it is clear that at least some Lost Logia are cleared for sale.
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