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One points out that it was stated pretty bluntly that the Book of Darkness would absorb the entire world if not unchecked.
Given an appropriate amount of time, I'll grant that it can do so.

One also points out that you don't know that the "old calendar" is a BC-type counting backwards. That's actually an unusual way to do it - the counting backwards would also be an artifact of the "new calendar", and the "old" calendar would reflect the previously-used dating system. Since the implication of that statement was that it was in some way influential in forming TSAB policy towards Lost Logia, it's sensible that it happened much closer to the TSAB's foundation than you've stated.
At the very least, it definitely was nowhere within the zone of the new calendar, or they simply have used it. Which means that it is still at least 75 years ago, way out of any of our character's direct observation.

Keroko's right in that the manifestations of the Jewel Seeds that we see in the first season are entirely uncontrolled - the Jewel Seeds are not being manipulated by anyone with the least magic power (save Fate and Nanoha, who are busy sealing them, not unleashing them.)
How about Ep9, when Fate blasted the water - that's an activation by a mage right there.

The one time we see some Jewel Seeds being intentionally used by a mage, Precia is attempting to open a pathway that involves destroying a dimension, and even the warming-up process is enough to cause an earthquake... in Uminari, in another dimension completely. It's not too much to surmise that (a) Precia-success would have spelled bad news for the Midoriya's cake sales, and (b) that the Jewel Seeds are packed full of punch for them who know how to use 'em.
Yes, and the anime tries to make it look impressive. However, the earthquake didn't even collapse any houses. Nobody even bothered to repair the earthquake damage to their houses as far as we can determine. Nobody even bothered to hide under their tables, as people generally are trained to do during a quake. Yes, it was pretty impressive it managed to cause the quake at all, but let's not give it too much credit.
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