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Fate didn't execute the Jewel Seeds in ep 9 - she just threw a hell of a lot of energy out there, and hoped that they'd reveal themselves with some sort of sympathetic reaction, which is what more or less happened, right? Fate wasn't trying to "summon waterspout" (duh). And once she'd set them off that way, she couldn't just turn them off - in fact, she wouldn't have managed to seal them at all without Nanoha for backup - so it's safe to say that they were doing their own thing and not in the least under Fate's control.
It was 強制発動, not just 共鳴. She hadn't set any instructions on how they should manifest the powers, but she did turn them on and we can take a good look at what they are doing.

I have no idea exactly how much oomph it takes to make an earthquake in another dimension. Hell, making one HERE requires the same magnitude of energy release as several nuclear weapons, even if it's one that's too small to do much damage (and I suppose "distance to the epicenter" isn't a problem when the quake is occurring at right angles to reality, huh?) And it's not even what Precia was trying to do - just an incidental feature of her doing something even more difficult. And she didn't even manage it! So, yeah, okay, we're talking about nine seeds and the assist of all the power reactors in the Garden of Time (which was not, we can assume, greater than the effect of the additional five Jewel Seeds that Precia wanted.) But that's still one HELL of a punch!
Hard to tell. As I said, they tried to make it look impressive, but Mercalli-wise it was a <5 based on how much damage it did. It is the "incidental feature" that decides how much it'll affect our world, and as far as we can see, not too much. Definitely doesn't look like the end of us...

By contrast, the show never gave the Relics that kind of power in Strikers. We don't ever see them unshielded, we don't really know what they're good for other than sticking into Vivio and (maybe) bringing back Lutecia's mom? (What'd Jail want with so many, anyway?) They're not so dangerous that Caro suffered ill effects from hiding one under her hat, even. So we can at least conclude that they're more stable than a Jewel Seed...
Caro supposedly sealed it before putting it under her head, but no matter how you slice it, the Jewel Seeds do look like the more powerful LL.
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