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about Mitaka Documents, I have a feeling that Mitaka document is basically Yin/Izanami. we now know a bit about the Mitaka Documents, and obviously it's something Amber left behind. in season 1, we had moment where Amber is alone with Yin, she could have told or left something to Yin.

my guess is, Yin got captured by some organization and they probably use ME squeezer to scan her brain to read the Mitaka documents.

other theory I had about Hei's lost of power and Suou as contractor. the anti contractor weapon that hit Hei is said to be further development from the prototype 2 years ago that Hei destroyed.

so during the scene where Hei lost his power, we got the anti contractor weapon, Hei's innate ability, and Suou's meteor fragment in one place. all this 3 present, force Suou to become contractor just like Hei gained his power. the difference this time is that the weapon broke halfway through the process so Hei's still exist (unlike Bai, who disappear) and Suou become somewhat half contractor. still retaining some emotion and still have to pay her remuneration.
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