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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
Wait so did Gai just become Japan's dictator?
That remains to be seen but at this point in time Neo Gai has.
-Rendered Shu useless and has isolated him
-Taken all the students that have Voids for himself
-Has pretty much the entire GHQ military at his disposal
-An elite special forces unit that displays fanatical loyalty to him (Arisa is now part of this unit)
-Captured Inori (I called this one i knew they still needed her)
-Completely and utterly annihilated the UN's pacific fleet.
-Japan is under GHQ control completely which would make either Neo Gai or Keido the undisputed ruler of Japan. No one has the power to oppose them at the moment.

I would also like to say goodbye to Scythe Void user girl. She was the one that showed loyalty to Shu and also was one of the ones that went with him during the charge to destroy the ghost system. Im not sure if she tried to take on Gai because of what he forced out several students Voids hence killing them or because he attacked Shu either way she was the only that tried to put a fight but Neo Gai showed another power of his. To turn any Void user in crystal with the wave of his hand.
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