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Vivid Red Operation

Original creator : ASCII Media Works X Aniplex
Introduction :
1. Theme is Friendship (?)
2. It features a 14-years old female protagonist
3. The director is also the character-designer
4. It's a bishoujo sci-fi action show
5. There are 5 main heroines
6. Main heroine leaves with her sister and grandfather
7. Main heroine lives in a poor family
8. Series' composition will be handled by both the director and the main scripwritter
9. Among the main staff, one of them is a mecha designer
10. The main characters believe the science in order to better bring the world in peace.
11. The story takes place in two islands : the first one is the one we all know, while the second is a artificial island dedicated to science (scientific academy perhaps ?)
12. Hardworking females are drawn in a cutesy style.
13. The mecha designer previously works as character designer from other series
14. The series' composer and mecha designer were already collaborated on a anime before
15. The series' composer also works as a mangaka
16 (Ultimate mystery). The director has a nickname that most fans call him.

Plot summary : Coming soon...

I'll update as new key elements (16 in total) will be revealed until May 30.
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