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I would say the combination of time travel and virtual reality is a nice combinaison for Vinto de Pint. Considering it's a bishoujo sci-fi show by Dengeki G's, I would say that either Sagu Aoyama (Ro-Kyu-Bu!) or Noboru Yamaguchi (Strike Witches) will be involved in the concept.
Fixed the word in bold for you.

You can't determine that way due to the fact that like i said, the background is too general. Next, the hints given are insufficient, but still are able to give a rough idea.(Like you said. But Try not to judge by the website background.)

Originally Posted by MisaoFan View Post
Original creator : ASCII Media Works X Aniplex
Plot summary : 1. Theme is Friendship
2. It features a 14-years old female protagonist
3. The director is also the character-designer
4. It's a bishoujo sci-fi action show
5. There are 5 main heroines

I'll update as new key elements will be revealed until May 30.
New info is....
6. MC has a sister and a grandfather, total of 3 members in the family.

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