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Originally Posted by DemiSoda View Post
Single movie? Lolz. The best of the Persona franchise gets shafted . Grim dark atmosphere, better plot and we had one "potentially" annoying character (Yukari) compared to the 3 in Persona 4 (Rise, Chie, Ted). It made up for the primary criticism of "Tartarus" grinding that a good half of Persona 3 was involved in.

Ah well, should be thankful we are getting one, even though it's most likely gonna suck. Persona 4 had 2 seasons... and that sucked bad.
Haha, only one character in P3?
Yukari was only one of so many. In P3 it's easier to ask me what character I like as there're so many I really dislike (and I seriously hate Yukari). P4 is the total opposite where it's easier to ask me which character I dislike as it's only Ai and Yumi-whatever that were annoying lol

But well, that's not the topic.
I wonder how they're going to do the thing with the movie. Maybe I'll watch it, depends on how much Ryouji is in~
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