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I honestly really think that it's possible to do a credible movie version of P3, but to do so would entail massive cuts unlikely to please the people most likely to watch it in the first place. It's tough... But I mean, just cutting out the full moon/Arcana stuff--while it removes a lot of the fun *of the game* and the tension--shortens the timeline, at least, considerably.

As someone else mentioned, if you did that, then you don't need to represent every single Arcana (or at least, not every one that's represented in the game), and you could stick with the best and/or most important battles for the overarching plot.

It's true that I became... uh, excessively attached to the characters during my (estimated) 400 total hours (among all versions) of game play, but realistically and objectively, I cannot say that everyone's backstory was equally interesting. With that in mind, I think you can easily pare down the ones that aren't plot-specific (I don't think Juunpei's was, was it? It's been a while; obviously, he has an important relationship during the game that shouldn't be cut).

Akahito/Ken/Mitsuru share a backstory that is a main plot line, so will be covered anyway.

Mitsuru/Yukari share a backstory that can be gestured at during the vacation sequence (necessary as mentioned for Aegis, and during which you can cover her story, as well).

Do I think it will actually be phenomenally great as a movie per se? Not especially, but it can still be enjoyable. I'd obviously prefer to get a full series, but I'll take what I can get. I enjoyed Unlimited Bladeworks just fine, as did my roommate who hasn't played the game/read the FZ novels.

Although... I shall miss my MC, who was, I believe, named Barko-san for reasons that now totally escape me. I think on NG+, he gradated to Barko-sama.
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