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Originally Posted by leokiko View Post
Level 30 Quest "Stealing Secret" is glitched for many people. I'm stuck as well =p
It was fixed last night. My thief did it this morning. Now I'm torn, as I re-rolled my Norn warrior to Human and got level 30 last night. I think at this point, I am going to concentrate on just one character, and while the warrior is ridiculously powerful with arguably the most versatality in the game, from superb damage, to a cc-focused lay out, and even one that can heal surprisingly well, once you have enough points to unlock the third Tier of traits.

My thief, on the other hand, is really fast. Choices!

Anyone have unbearable skill lag intermittently yesterday? Things had been pretty fine on the latency front until then. I'm wondering if opening up the Trade Post had an effect there. Based off Map chat, the skill lag seemed to only affect some, making one wonder if it was simply due to a database or two unable to keep up, rather than simple ping issues, especially since I did a /diag toggle to the GW2.exe and the network test came up with 135 ms ping.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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