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I think I'd be pretty wary about joining a particularly large guild at my low level (38). I feel like the potential to simply be used to help level the guild is high, and with a big enough group of people who don't really know each other it wouldn't really be all that different than just trying to form a PUG.

(I probably sound ridiculously picky about something so simple but I've become somewhat paranoid about guilds due to so many bad experiences in the past; from a server first guild imploding a week after clearing a new raid because a clique of friends all decided they didn't want to play with the raid leader anymore, to a tight-knit group of friends that was ripped apart by a princess/attention whore and her White Knights, to a guild leader changing the raid schedule to times that didn't work for me, with no warning and after I'd spent a ton of effort as a class officer getting people organized. Having an environment you really enjoy playing in ripped away enough times by factors beyond your control can really take its toll.)
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