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and keep in mind there are about 3 waves of Chrysalids. 3 in the starting room. 3 in the containment room, and 3 more in the room where the base commander is.
This isn't actually quite true. The layout of the alien base and the arrangement of enemies actually changes per playthrough, since there are actually different base layouts. On my last Alien Base Assault on Classic, I only came across 1 Chryssalid group, but had to fight more Mutons, Thin Men and Floaters. Also, the base itself was different: The central chamber now had a central raised "hill" in the middle before you get to the door, and the last chamber with the Sectoid Commander had high platforms flanking the device instead of one giant platform overlooking it from the front. The last change was particularly funny since it allowed me to sneak up to the Sectoid Commander and drop in on it without it being able to do anything.

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