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2. Charles let Lelouch continue on thinking he had a snowballs chance of somehow beating him, in order to keep him out of his way. He figured C.C. would just come to him when it was time for the Ragnarok, since they had a bargain. I assume the whole "We have to capture C.C." was just a ruse to keep V.V. fooled. Remember V.V. killed Marianne but didn't know Charles knew that, and was under the impression he was still Charles's ally and would be part of their victory, when Charles knew, and was planning on killing V.V. and taking his code in vengence.
I thought capturing C.C. was just a Code R objective; I believe Schnizel's research into Geass was entirely separate from the Geass Order's.

Asked this question on Tv Tropes, but what point did CC stop following Charles' plan? And what role did Lelouch exactly play in it? I don't really see how any of Lelouch's actions in R1 and R2 advance Charles' interests; all he had to do was direct the already expansionist government to invade the places that had Thought Elevators.
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