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Here are a few thoughts on the latest developements:

1.) People ask "why be so confident in a jutsu 50% complete? could it be that powerful?" Maybe he will not be using the 50% compete jutsu. Naruto may have learned variations of it while training, giving him a repetiore of wind jutsu. We have already seen one adaptation as a tornado. For once we may see a more balanced naruto that doesn't spam the same to jutsu continuously in battle. A good example of this would be a water user such as kakashi. He can use a simple jutsu such as a water bullet or much larger like a tidal wave. Naruto may ACTUALLY have grades to his jutsu now.

2.) The use of his clones: Naruto seems to be using his clones intelligently. Not summoning them en masse only to waste 50 in a bum rush wave. He uses 2 to test the oponent while the others form a jutsu. His 2 attack clones could distract and lure him into a trap to get hit by his justu. Or they could be used to scope him out, hold him, and get blasted away by the justu from the other clones. If Naruto's oponent survives then he has tactical data from the dismissed clones. Their sacrifice only benefits him.
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