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I don't know much of anything, actually. But I don't see how flagellating the franchise is going to help matters. What I'm trying to say is: "With all this talk of hoping it suffers, you may very well kill it." Thereby ridding the chance for anything new in the future. At least let it run its full course.
Of course, no one wants Haruhi to end. I despise the decisions of the creators, but while I do want them to suffer for it---if not for producing 8 (or more) episodes of Endless Eight, then for the "re-airing with new episodes" thing being a least partially a hoax (because episodes 3-8 have been basically the same with slight cosmetic differences---that is to say, they're not really "new" in the sense of covering new material) that may or may not be a lead in to a "true" second season---I want them (or someone at least) to continue making the show. But if the shows continuation is contingent upon the fans actually buying Endless Eight DVDs, then I would say the future looks grim.
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