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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Don't try to pin this on the fans - this is KyoAni and/or Kadokawa's own doing. This is their stupid little stunt that may self-inflict their flagship anime into death.
Frankly, I hope it does die. Good riddance, at this point.

Of course, that'll probably mean no new novels either, but given Kadokawa's track record, they'd probably ruin them somehow too.

Better to remember this franchise when it wasn't the biggest joke of the anime world. Sort of like how fans are remembering Micheal Jackson now.

Originally Posted by mokuseimaru View Post
But if the shows continuation is contingent upon the fans actually buying Endless Eight DVDs, then I would say the future looks grim.
I'd say that any and all new material (novels included) is contingent on E8's DVD sales.

Which is the whole joke.

Yes I'm bitter shut up.
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