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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Look, I don't want the Endless Eight DVDs to do so badly that this anime is finished.

BUT... I do want KyoAni and Kadokawa to pay some sort of price for this - to receive some sort of wake-up call - because otherwise, we as anime fans are probably going to see more stunts like this in the future... and from more than this anime alone.

Mind you, if KyoAni/Kadokawa gives us 12 straight episodes of Endless Eight (as 2ch speculates - thanks for the info, bayoab ), then it won't matter what any of us says. Some of the Endless Eight DVDs will bomb if 6 of them are nothing but Endless Eight - only your hardest of hard core collectors will actually get all 6 (whereas if it was all different episodes with unique content...).

Don't try to pin this on the fans - this is KyoAni and/or Kadokawa's own doing. This is their stupid little stunt that may self-inflict their flagship anime into death.
Kadokawa ALREADY paid the price; they paid the salaries and the TV slots for Endless Eight.

You make it sound like everything they've done has cost them nothing at this point. We just wasted bandwidth watching episodes; they paid MONEY. The way i see it, they can do whatever that want as long as they spend their own cash doing it.
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