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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Frankly, I hope it does die. Good riddance, at this point.

Of course, that'll probably mean no new novels either, but given Kadokawa's track record, they'd probably ruin them somehow too.

Better to remember this franchise when it wasn't the biggest joke of the anime world. Sort of like how fans are remembering Micheal Jackson now.

I'd say that any and all new material (novels included) is contingent on E8's DVD sales.

Which is the whole joke.

Yes I'm bitter shut up.
Well, I think that even should the show die, the novels need not. I mean, Melancholy was released in 2001, wasn't it? So they can probably get along without it.

You know, I really wonder what Tanigawa thinks of this. Of course, he probably had no say, but I wonder if he was even told beforehand. I doubt he would have thought this was a good idea---for all the bizarreness of the subject matter, Tanigawa isn't a huge stylistic iconoclast as the anime might make you think. He experimented with the alpha/beta threads in Disassociation , but compared to a Joyce or a Faulkner he's fairly conservative.
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