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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Frankly, I hope it does die. Good riddance, at this point.

Of course, that'll probably mean no new novels either, but given Kadokawa's track record, they'd probably ruin them somehow too.

Better to remember this franchise when it wasn't the biggest joke of the anime world. Sort of like how fans are remembering Micheal Jackson now.

I'd say that any and all new material (novels included) is contingent on E8's DVD sales.

Which is the whole joke.

Yes I'm bitter shut up.

I also think that DVD sales are important here.

That's what makes it such a tough situation.

If the DVDs for this season sell downright terribly... then this anime, and possibly the Haruhi franchise as a whole, is dead. An anime with such incredible potential is finished, with no hope of revival. Sad... very, very sad.

OTOH, if the Endless Eight DVDs sell really well... then the anime industry as a whole will stand up and think "Ha ha ha ha ha! These otaku will buy anything... anything... that has a cute marketable face on it! Time to cut costs back on animation quality and script-writing quality, boys and girls! We're going to do this on the cheap because as Endless Eight DVD sales prove, otakus will buy anything!" Watch the quality of anime (especially prominent anime) plummet. This is not just sad, this is a disaster.

It's almost a no-win situation...

Somewhere between "downright terribly" and "really well" there may be a sweet spot where KyoAni/Kadokawa goes "Ok... that fell just a bit short of our expectations... Haruhi can still sell, but we have to scrap stunts like Endless Eight in order to sell really well. Let's get back to doing this the Season 1 way!"

I'm hoping for the sweet spot.

Still, your Michael Jackson comparison resonates with me...
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