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Originally Posted by Midonin View Post
I think some of the more critical/paranoid/self-obsessed fans have been declaring that for years. Despite the shifting culture and changing of the market tides, anime isn't dead yet. I don't think E8's succeeding would cause as significant of a change as you're fearmongering.
I'm not fearmongering - I'm presenting a fair, honest, and reasonable viewpoint on this. Like Kaisos said, Haruhi is influential. So, if Endless Eight does well...

Midonin... Seriously now, is this good entertainment, in your mind? Is this a smart way to treat your fans? Is it fun to watch the same plot unfold before your eyes seven or more times in a matter of only a few weeks? Do you honestly blame the fans for reacting to this repetition the way that many of us are?

My favorite movie of all time is probably Tim Burton's Batman (the one with Jack Nicholson as the Joker). As much as I loved that movie, I can honestly say that after viewing it four times in four weeks, I would not want to watch it again for a very long time.

Is this aversion to repetition such a difficult concept to understand and accept?
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