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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Kadokawa ALREADY paid the price; they paid the salaries and the TV slots for Endless Eight.

You make it sound like everything they've done has cost them nothing at this point. We just wasted bandwidth watching episodes; they paid MONEY. The way i see it, they can do whatever that want as long as they spend their own cash doing it.
There is a very large difference between what you described (commonly known as investment) and paying the price for something the way it is being used in this thread. See, people usually expect a return on their investment; to profit from the money they spent. It's the old saying "You have to spend money to make money." "Paying the price" as it was used in the post you responded to would mean suffering negative consequences. In this context, it could be a failure of the investment to make a profit.
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