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Seriously, fans, if you have any common sense, do not buy the Endless Eight DVDs when they come out (R1, R2, whatever region of DVDs you buy).

I used to buy anything Haruhi, DVDs, CDs, figures, novels, etc. But this is too much. I hope the Japanese Otaku get a point too - that is, animation companies HAVE NO RIGHT to toy with consumers like this - Kadokawa and KyoAni needs to be taught a lesson. I will buy the first DVD (R1) (with Bamboo Leaf and maybe 2 episodes of Endless Eight) and skip the rest (at least 2 DVDs) until the last episode of Endless Eight.

I will enjoy watching the crash of the DVD sales. e.g. Bamboo Leaf: 50,000 sold. Endless Eight: 100 sold.

EDIT: Actually I saw a pretty good idea: Buy the DVDs and smash them in a high-publicity event. But then again Kadokawa actually will make money from this so maybe not that great an idea after all - the point is to make Kadokawa and KyoAni suffer financially.
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