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Great!! I watch it on KHTV that day and hell I only listen to the sound rather then watching!! So can anyone of u here who watch live streaming tell me something about these??

After the openin i heard that are short cut of Fuwa Fuwa Time and U&I..then Yui said something about Ritsu and co and wished that they will be together forever??

Then during the commercial is there some thing related to K-ON!!?

After the ending, I thought I heard -K-ON games? K-ON! Full album? Nendroid Petit???

Overall its a nice episode...but I don't really fond of the BGM playing when Azusa*sob*, I always wanted it to be an orchestral version of U&I...but the last song is perfect!! especially the lyrics.................*sob*

hey hey!! didn't Jun and Ui suppose to join the club?? It only featured in the preview....
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