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Originally Posted by lonewolf777 View Post
Since Luffy swore that he would defeat Kizaru, Kuma, and Sentyoumaru, and when Luffy vows something, it happens, I think he's going to fight and defeat Kizaru and Zoro is going to defeat Kuma (their history and facing one another in the past). I don't know about the fat kid, though.
I don't know about that one. Kizaru is too strong for Luffy right now, even if Luffy use Haki, its still not a guarantee win. Zoro fighting Kuma, who knows.

I'm predicting Mihawk and Shanks cross blades before this arc is over. If Shanks decides to go save Ace, this would be a good opportunity to kill Shanks character off (as much as I hate to say it), I can't see what possible role he can play in the story anymore.
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