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Originally Posted by lonewolf777 View Post
I agree that it's a possibility, and I actually posted a similar theory earlier. I also think that Dragon's seemingly intellectual nature lends more to this theory (which is funny cuz his son and dad are complete morons, lol).
Yeah I know right, lol.
Or Garp could been on of those type who think its better to integrate and assimilate rather than cause more bloodshed. But who knows, we haven't seen Garp condemn or speak ill about Dragon's or his actions like he does Luffy and Ace.

Originally Posted by lonewolf777 View Post
Anybody think the Will of the D has something to do with the name of the ancient kingdom that was destroyed by the precursor to the current WG?
Possibly, if so, I'm wondering what was the exact purpose in lying about becoming Creators n etc.

Originally Posted by lonewolf777 View Post
I think that if the Straw Hat crew came across a Devil Fruit sometime in the future and a non-fruit using member ate it, it could open up story possibilities, although it might also be redundant/stifling, such as by limiting the available swimmers in the crew.
I don't care if any of the strawhats get devil fruits.
I think it would actually be cool, I just don't want Zoro to get one.

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