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Originally Posted by AddiKtioNn-BlaCk View Post
Yeah I know right, lol.
Or Garp could been on of those type who think its better to integrate and assimilate rather than cause more bloodshed. But who knows, we have seen Garp condemn or speak ill about Dragon's or his actions like he does Luffy and Ace.
Well, I like that Garp is a pretty chill type dude. He doesn't seem to bother about much of anything; surely where Luffy gets it. As far as smarts go, well..... o.o;

Originally Posted by AddiKtioNn-BlaCk View Post
Possibly, if so, I'm wondering what was the exact purpose in lying about becoming Creators n etc.
Originally Posted by ordinarystory View Post
I think that the letter 'D' represents the people of the kingdom which is destroyed by the World Government.
Yeah, I think these both might have to do with it. @ ordinarystory: My thoughts exactly. I don't know if there was any significance of Sengoku's reaction when he found out Ace was a D., but that might have something more to do with it even.

Originally Posted by AddiKtioNn-BlaCk View Post
I don't care if any of the strawhats get devil fruits.
I think it would actually be cool, I just don't want Zoro to get one.
Yeah, I agree, Zoro needs to stay gangster without the fruit. But I think it would be sweet if Usopp found and ate the Mouse Mouse fruit so he could run and hide better XDDD
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