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Originally Posted by DJLowrider View Post
I'll concede the part about being able to talk to girls, but let's break the other two points down.

Emo - He's still obsessing over being stood up on a date two years ago. He turned his closet into a second bedroom/planetarium for himself that he crawls into to hide, which he did in the very first episode of the series. Pretty textbook emo behavior.

Bumbling idiot - Seriously, are you guys watching the same series? In Haruka's arc and Sae's arc he was a consummate tool. His initial interactions with Ai were due to him being fairly foolish as well.

All this said, Junichi does redeem himself (usually) towards the end of the story arcs and mans up decently well. But claiming he's not emo or a bumbling idiot is a gross mis-characterization.
He WAS emo, but have we seen him moping or depressed after episode 1? No, he took his courage and confessed twice to a school idol.

Keitaro Urashima(Love Hina), Ichitaka Seto (I''s), Hachibe Maeda(Ai Kora) are perfect examples of a bumbling idiot. They usually have "accidents" that ruin their chances of getting a girl and are often misunderstood. Junichi on the other hand creates scenarios favorable to him(haruka roleplay, sae's tutoring etc.)...

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