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Originally Posted by Miles Teg View Post
Next month a "big" announcement about Haruhi should be made in Newtype, we should be fixed about KyoAni anime for the end of the year.
Iv'e never even heard of Harhui.
I was always under the impression that FMP was a fairly successful anime, (sales-wise), and had been saving it for later, and finally got around to watching it. I'm not a big manga fan, and i just hate how people leave the endings to anime discontinued for what ever reason. This is the case with alot of animes, ex. elfen lied.. They should really try to atleast make a final season to provide some conclusion, as of right now FMP is great, but it's unfinished, so there's a level to the epicness it can deliver. Maybe another studio should step up and finish it, because it does have potential. Even funimation noticed this when they originally licensed it.
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