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Originally Posted by Supah Em View Post
I'll definitely sound like a noob here but:

Is it that hard/expensive for american companies to obtain copyrights for these kinds of game (Super Robot Taisen, etc.). I mean, there are so much crap games that they license but they seem to avoid this series like the plague.
In Japan, most of the anime series listed in the games falls under the license of one single company which is Bandai Visuals under Bandai. And Bandai have a gaming wing, Bandai Namco who happens to be the publisher of this series of game. This makes things very easy because everything falls within the same huge company.

But in America, the licensing of various titles featured in the games falls under different distributors like ADV, Funimation, 4Kids, etc. It will be hell to get green lights from all of them for the game and there's no gurantee that the game will reap profit after all the complication. Furthermore, Atlus did try with the GBA OGs. It flopped, ensuring the death of this series in America.
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