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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
And seriously, F*** off Gundam Seed!
Originally Posted by Terrestrial Dream View Post
I agree with you there, never liked Seed in Alpha 3 , J, or W. Some of the missions with them are downright annoying especially destroying nuclear missile missions.
SEED seems to be taking the place where 0079 used to stand. And it looks to stay for quite a while. But it's good to know that Terada does not have a good opinion of the series.

But Stargazer? I don't know about this, I just have a feeling that Stargazer will be like Gundam Alex
Sure it will deal measly damages. But If there's one thing that the Stargazer will not be lacking, it's the movement range and agility. Once it's Voiture Lumiere ablility activate, instant teleportation on map and +50 to mobility.
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