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I liked the SEED units, but hate their stages. 3 damned Druggies? Huge mobs in 3 turns? While trying to trigger 5 events?

Why love the SEED units? Firstly they have insane stats for both pilots and mechs. Next their upgrades, especially Alpha 3:

Full upgrade Strike = Freedom, Justice, Strike Rouge, Buster, Duel, all fully upgraded, what? The most insane upgrade carryover in SRW history. Choose defend, End of Galaxy does zero damage to my usual platoon of Freedom/Justice/Strike/Rouge. 65k damage Combination Assault is win.

If I didn't remember wrongly, its the same for SRWJ and that's 6 separate units fully upgraded, not compressed into platoons. What? Coordinator ability + SEED + Phase Shift, friendship bonus, Meteor MAP, erm what else?

W and Z nerfed the upgrades and stats a little, but they're still cost effective and damn strong.
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