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So, from the look of things, this arc will be a long arc before they go on to Merman Island... Sigh, I was hoping to get a glimpse/guess for who their new "nakama" will be (I heard rumors years ago that Merman island might be where they pick up a Merman).
Their not so much rumors as more like wishful thinking and random, shot in the dark guesses.

The only thing their is to support the idea that there will be a new crew member is simply the argument over how many crew members Luffy said he was going to have... and the way one argument goes says that there is room for one more until he reaches the max size of crew he is willing to take on.

Other than that, their pretty much isn't anything to support one more crew member joining up... whether it be on merman island, or anytime before and after...
me, i got my hopes set on a fishwoman (as opposed to a fishman, or a mermaid)
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