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Originally Posted by Haladflire65 View Post
I also need to consider that it's gonna be on a biweekly basis and the meetings are quite short. I don't know how I'll take requests or how I'll show series - one or two episodes of a different series every week? Continuously showing one series? As for movies I think it's a great idea; my only problem with that is I'm much more familiar with series and alot of movies are based off of series....
Bi-weekly for like 50 minutes/session? In reality that's only enough time to show an episode from a series, once you factor in milling around, etc. How about this, then?

2 short items like Chi, Higepiyo, or perhaps Tweeny Witches (much better than the name suggests) as an appetizer.

1 episode of a series; I'd stick to something vaguely episodic with broad appeal like School Rumble or perhaps selected episodes of Lucky*Star. If you want to watch a continuing story, you'd need to find something that's complete in 6-12 episodes, or series that are based on a collection of short arcs like Ghost Hunt or, for a real "head trip," Bakeneko/Mononoke (warning: mature themes). If you want to go high class, you can pick an arc from Aoi Bungaku, a collection of anime based on famous Japanese novels. Of the half-dozen stories included in the collection, "Kokoro" and "Run, Melos," both covering just two episodes, might be viewed as appropriate for teens.

Maybe another short item.


That's really about all you can show. A two-hour movie won't fit this format.

As for movies, there are a number of excellent anime films that are totally unrelated to television series. Besides the obvious choice of Miyazaki films, I'd suggest looking at Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, or Paprika by Kon Satoshi, The Girl Who Leapt through Time, or 5 Centimeters per Second. Go search the Suggestions forums for threads about movies.

One other excellent show that's has fairly short episodes is REC (fansubbed). You'd need to clear the first episode, though, because

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