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Pyu; see the thing i DID like about I"s is that with all the commotion and other girls in the way He still only liked one girl. The entire time the mangaka really forces you to only LOVE one girl. So i was happy they ended up together but i felt that they never really were really really happy. and thats what i wanted. Cuz even when they did get together she got famous and what happens? they cant see eachother. Even the end is a little messed up she chose to do the show instead of to go see him in the hospital?! WHAT ?!! just to appear on the last page. I need more than that, and i am very aware that my needs aren't shared by everyone and my needs shouldn't matter but oh well.

now with Ichigo 100%. The mangaka has given us one on one time with every girl almost equally. It's hard to chose a favorite but i'm sure everyone has one. This is a mess because now that the reader has had time to fall in love with each girl thinking of an end makes it difficult. Because if he ends up with Nishino I'll feel really bad for Satsuki and Toujo. And vice versa. Although my favorite IS Nishino He probably will end up with Toujo (i hope not) just because that's the way most romantic triangle (squares) end up.

So even though my rambling seems to just run on and on my main point is even though the storyline in I"s was beautiful the reader always knew how the story would conclude. And as a reader i expected a sweeter ending I think he deserved one because of all the struggles and BS. For two people who shared such mutual love for eachother they never really showed it to us. As for Ichigo 100% The story is a mess yes but the mangaka isn't realll revealing a conclusion each girl has an almost fair shot. And i prefer it this way it's not always fun to know the end before it happens.

Go Nishino -_-
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