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WOW!!....217 chapters....I don't know if I can take that much more of this.......

I really like Satsuki for some reason...usually her type of character in a Manga would anoy the hell out of me but for some reason I really like her.

The thing is if Manaka end up with satsuki I would end up feeling really bad for Aya.....Plus to me it seem like her likes Aya the best. Tsukasa just kinda seem like she doesn't really care for him as much as the other girls and it doesn't seem like he cares for her as much (at least not as much as Aya), I like how things kinda seem between them vol. 9 how she is kinda just treating him as a friend....I would like it to stay like that

I feel bad for Manaka he is so confused about the situation and now there gonna bring in another girl.....arg.

Well he will prolley just end up with Aya in the end anyways......I just hope for a happy ending for satsuki
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