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Originally Posted by HimekoTachibana View Post
I sincerely hope AW doesn't end for at least another 5 years, I genuinely love the story. ♥
It all depends on the speed at which Kawahara‎ is able to produce the volumes; that, and his prowess as a writer. As long as the quality remains constant, I'd be all for that.

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
How can SAO end if Ali.... hard to remember arc is just starting. And the Author can milk the franchise more after it though I don't see much about SAO because it doesn't have a fix goal on it or fix story or what's the real intention on it.
I believe the arc you're referring to is Alicization. It doesn't matter if a new arc is only starting, as it could very well be the beginning of the end. I'm pretty sure there was something about either this or the next arc being the final one; but alas, this a topic for the SAO L/N thread.

Originally Posted by dragon1412 View Post
With how thing are in vol 11 , i doubt that AW is going to end soon. The same is going for SAO, as Tsunade said, new arc just starting and SAO dont have a fixed goal which can span thing a lot longer.
There's truth in your words, yes, but also letting something go on for too long can be bad. I have confidence in Kawahara as a writer, so as long as I get my romance, plot, awesome battles, and a good ending, I'll be happy.
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