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Originally Posted by Kitsoru View Post
About that; it seems that the manga may be just a retelling of EW, possibly from the POV of Treize(?) or the "OZzies", or so the person who translated the 1st chapter is guessing.

That would certainly explain the lack of info released and lack of author named. You don't need an author to a story that's already been written, just the artist....

Disappointing, really. :/
I'm not disappointed. I've been hoping we'd see a "GW/EW retelling" in the mold of 08th MS Team for a while now.

The Barton Foundation are the perfect faction to do one with in my opinion. I've always found it odd they hung back in the shadows during the events of GW considering the real Trowa was killed, Heavyarms was stolen and Operation Meteor's plans changed.
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