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But wait, you said "One of the Drama CD's"...I thought there was only 1 though? Was there another Drama CD that they released?
There's three, I guess. Or is it one drama CD that has 3 scenarios?

I've only listened the Ayase one, when she was taught by Kyousuke to play Love Touch game (parody of Love Plus NDS game where Saori Hayami is also voicing one of the available heroine ^^; ) so she can understand Kirino hobby. Though it fails, as she got the yandere bad end thus when she meet Kirino to show she could imitate the girl from the game, she's acting yandere ("Let's get rid of onii-san who's standing in our way" )...

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Though one of my concerns does stem from the PSP game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I saw Fushimi saying somewhere he's writing the game scenarios (though I can't remember where). I'm afraid why volume 10 has something resembling a harem war is an aftereffect of him writing those scenarios .
For the second PSP game he wrote Kirino's not-blood-related route, Kanako route, Saori route, Kuroneko's Yamineko route, and Ayase's epilogue.

I don't know what routes he wrote for the first one though, but IIRC on the second game interview he mention since he had written Ayase route for the first game, he left it to other writer for the second game and later he happen to had more time so he could write her new epilogue.
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