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Surprised to see you active in an LN thread filled with spoilers, which you tend to avoid
Unfortunately, I have really insufficient time to really post my points and start an extended discussion in response to your few past long posts. Man, doing just that short overview of v10 alone took me about 2 hours to draft that post. So normally, I just leave things be and go back to lurking, but it doesn't mean I 100% agree or 'surrender' in a discussion with conflicting views, ok? Just saying.

But just one glaring point (imho) to support VVolf's statement on 'Fushimi going out of control' (though I don't necessary agree with some other points of interpretation by VVolf, but it's fine and I'm going to hold my peace since we respect one anothers' views ): having Ayase going dere on Kyousuke was fine since there's plenty of foreshadowing from her behavior. But to add Kanako (with very weak flags) to the shuraba mix...... it feels to me like he's doing it for the sake of doing it......, so 'out of control' may be pretty apt.

With regards to the point on hints vs teases, the converse can also be true. Anyway, I'm going to hold my peace again.

Finally, it boils down to the feeling of a particular feel of 'consistency' and expectation building (or rather lack of 'strange' expectations throughout) when reading the first 5 volumes, and gradually a change in the 'feel' after that. Perhaps, this is just due to the fact that the first 5 volumes utilize plot devices involving Kyousuke 'rescuing' Kirino from her pinches and strengthening their bonds and then changing to romance focus later after volume 5. Not saying that this is wrong, but it just changes the 'feel' for me (but at a somewhat subtle rate). To me, those situations which could be viewed as 'hints' are really 'teases' to me. Because there's always a joking feel to them when they appear. And it's quite hard for me to believe a LN, read by not just adolescents but also teenagers and elementary school students and even girls (based on Fushimi's comments on his fan letters) will go down that route. To date, I don't know of any LN going down that route without pulling a not-blood related card. I rather not spoil on other series and anyway it's not like you guys might know of those titles since they have yet to be animated. Though there's one particular suggestive series (also imouto kind, but not OniAi) that I don't know much about. And I do stand to be corrected since no matter how much I'm into LNs in general (though 'specializing' more in action fantasies), there are simply too many of them for me to keep track of.

Also, just an additional piece of info which may not really be important. When Fushimi first wrote Oreimo (v1 covered in episodes 1-3), it was not a serialized series. (src: afterword of volume 2). And whenever the author described Kirino feeling gross (especially in the first few volumes) (recall, just as an example, the time when Kyousuke asked the question when he found out about Kirino's obsession with imouto eroge to verify whether she has a particular 'fantasy' about him), I felt that she's really feeling gross. Anyway, regardless of what Kirino thinks or wants, I'm very much convinced from Kyousuke's actions and monologue that he's just a siscon and doesn't really feel the 'forbidden' desire for Kirino, so I very much doubt that the series will end on that kind of note. (Even in v10, it was mentioned once or twice that he's still hurting from the breakup memories with Kuroneko, as far as I can recall).

Anyway enough of my rambling for now. (the more I type, the more I want to type; there are a lot of things I want to 'counter' or post my views, but I'm simply running out of time)

Btw, I did go back and read some of the afterwords of the first few volumes, check the last page of the afterword of v4. I either missed that or must have forgotten that. Seems like readers have a 'say' in the later developments.

As to where I think it will go from here, for now, I still believe in Kuroneko succeeding in her Arcadia plan in v8. (heck, even Fushimi said Kuroneko's popularity was surprising in v6's afterword).

So long, until v11.

(shit, in the end, I still took more than an hour for this even when I wanted to get it over with in 15 minutes. jeez, forums are dangerous places).

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