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^ So you think you can still finance another profitless war and not have a financial crisis like the USSR had?
Well considering that wasn't the major problem the Soviet Union had, yes, it can easily be done. The Soviet economy had been faltering for decades before it collapsed and were having a problem feeding their people. They also weren't in a position where they were making money on money they borrowed like the US is today. Afghanistan did not break the Soviets. It certainly didn't help, but at most it was a contributing factor. Even if you remove it though, it just means that maybe the Soviet Union lasts a few more years. Once the Warsaw Pact nations start abandoning communism, the Soviets are on borrowed time.

That doesn't mean a war against Iran is a good idea, however. There's still the cost in lives and in reputation. Further, Iran can shut down the strait of Hormuz long enough to have a major impact on the world's oil supply, and that will hurt the US economy. However, if we just focus on US debt, war spending it won't break the US, especially if the republicans get a clue and vote for a war tax.
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