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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
No, no one said Nina was a good person. But she was far from the worst.

And who should rule Britannia in your view? A Chinese? An European? Have Britannia cut up and share as loot amongst the UN? At some point, your need to "punish" somebody had to end.

In the CG universe, Lulu managed to divert everyone's anger towards himself. Blood is spilled, and that was the end of that.

No, I am not trying to convince you. It is not possible to do that. Revenge is such a natural thing to do, it is built into our brains. That's why the only way for the war to end for Lulu is to lie and deceive, because there are always someone who prefer blood than peace.

Who should rule Britannia?

How about the people? You know a democracy like the one we have? Do you have a problem with Democracy?

Liike I said before I don't want people punished, so much as I want them to stop being rewarded.

Nunnaly was rewarded with her actions by being named ruler of Britannia, Nina was called a good person, and Ougi was rewarded for his actions by being named Prime minister.

Originally Posted by azul120 View Post
So you're equating Nunnally to Schneizel and Charles, just because of what she was doing at the behest of the former?
Stop blaming Schneizel for everything, Schneizel didn't force Nunnaly to push the button Nunnaly chose to push the button.
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