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Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
Fot example, yes.
Not that a man who kills his wife is always sane, but I think the difference should still be very clear.

Because Schneizel is "today". He never changes.
Cornelia more or less said it: In a world without conflict, he would have been the perfect king. No personal desires and no attachments, but highly intelligent and only having the "greater good" in mind.
In any other kind of world, however, that only makes him incredibly dangerous.
Lelouch knew that, and even if he had wanted to, there was no way he could have taken the risk.
Not to mention that, since Schneizel had no personal desires, he probably wouldn't have been able to make much use of a "second chance".
Since this thread, is kindergarten by now, we might as well bring the pom-pom as well and nitpick on words as well.

Oh, i did not know that Schneizel was not a human being but a definition of time. Hm, i guess he does not deserve a second chance then. Since he NEVER changes. And who can truly be the judge of this? Oh, let me guess. The judges that decided that Nina should get a clean-free pass for her genocide. Yah. So since the "court" is already biased towards Schneizel, ok then.

Also, Cornelia said a lot of crap. Just saying. {like that Zero is going down in the last epi of S1, yah.}
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